About Kence


Who am I?:

My name is Kencia (“Ken-See-Ya!”), you may also know me as Kence. I am naturally a story teller.  I like to say ‘I get it from my mama.” She’s always got something to talk about but there’s always some sort of lesson behind it. I come from a humble Haitian household sustained by the prayers of a hard working single mom. I enjoy making people smile and laugh. I have learned that this is a gift from the Lord; some may call it charm, some may even call me a ‘funny gal,’ I simply want to serve the Lord with what He has given me and all that I am. And this is me. This is who I am…

What’s the Purpose?:

The purpose of this blog is to share my stories and my journey. My aim is to be ‘real’ with the people. Job 23:17 says. “Yet I am not silenced by the darkness…” I used to get shy and not want to share my struggles and pains. God has revealed to me that my struggles are what the people need to hear because some of them may be suffering from the same things and if I keep quiet about how I overcame, how can the people overcome!?!

My Prayer for the People:

You may find some of my posts/thoughts/videos random, but I pray that each one will do its purpose whether that be to bring you a little joy (just smile) or to help you realize something new (be enlightened). I pray that as you read/watch my random stories, you would be entertained and encouraged. I pray that each topic I bring up will resonate with someone (wherever you are) and teach you something. I pray that my testimonies will help you to gain courage as I live out loud and proclaim all the great things that God has done and is doing in my life. Above all, I pray you find comfort and peace in life despite all the things that may seem to being going wrong.


If you have questions , you can contact me by clicking here.

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