Beat the Bully to his gun!

I grew up bigger than the average kid in my class. I used to get bullied. My sister was my very best friend and I would come home to hint at the fact that I was being picked on. We used to make up Rap songs together. And she helped me by simply telling me to start things off by saying “I’m fat! Now what?!?” After I put it out there, there was not much else the bullies had to use against me. I knew I was smart and beautiful so they couldn’t tell me a lie about my intelligence or my cute face. This is the same method with the enemy of our soul! We must shame the devil and move past the silence! He wants us to keep quiet so that he can trick us to believe things that are untrue!

The devil will make his best attack at the things that you are keeping silent. The name of the game is simply to beat the bully to his gun! Our heavenly Father is merciful and full of grace. We can come to Him genuinely and ask Him to forgive our sins. Lay it all at His feet! When you move past the silence that the Bully (the devil) is trying to keep us at, we BEAT him to his gun! Once we shame the devil by speaking what he wants us to keep quiet about, we just took away his weapon against us! He has nothing on you!

My people: Don’t keep quiet! Praise the Lord, oh my soul, and forget not his benefits (Psalms 103:2)! Lets brag about the Truth! What has the Lord done for you!? Where did He bring you out from!? #Testify #ShameTheBully


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