Renewed Mind & Body:






Photo Credit: T. Adebanjo

The beginning of My Journey:

In June 2015, I decided to change my mind. I modified my eating habits and my body began to change. In addition to the physical changes, I experienced a renewed sense of self-worth. I can only thank God for the success I have thus far in my fitness journey because many days I wanted to quit! Like everyday!! I wanted to be 100lbs lighter the same day I started… (God had a lesson called patience lined up just for Kence). Each day I got up and I prayed that God would give me the determination to be different from the people around me so that I could succeed. I come from a Haitian household, we eat rice EVERYDAY. It is so hard to escape rice and then actually getting out of the house/off the couch to be physical. I had to start being the one to influence the people around me to get my own success.


Photo Credit: T. Adebanjo

How I lost it:

Many of the people around me have said they wanted to lose weight and may have even tried, but they lacked the consistency. I used to get frustrated because I knew I was not always consistent but it was much harder when my consistent days differed from the consistent days of my workout buddies. So I learned the blessing of making moves on my own. Philippians says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  I thank God that I was able to move independently and through His strength. Had I depended on people that suffered with daily laziness like me, we may have all just decided to quit and have some cupcakes instead of consistently working toward our fitness goals. Thus, I began with the little things that I knew I could do alone (or with someone if they were genuinely interested in supporting): I stopped eating rice and bread, cut down on the pasta (that’s my soft spot- I’m a pasta kinda woman), eat fruits and veggies, and I walked every night.

My daily walks:

My long walks served as a time for me to talk to God. (I also had walking dates a few times a week with the few friends that were like-minded, they kept my head in the game) During my daily appointments with God, I was renewing my mind and my body. People ask if I run/ran, the answer is the same, not really. I much better enjoyed my long walks, kept me active and I could listen to my bible app or listen to audio-books better when walking.

To my friends trying to lose weight:

Keep your head up! It won’t happen overnight but you have to begin with small decisions and remain consistent. Decide to make better choices about your eating and get up. Do something! Instead of a late night happy meal, choose a salad. Instead of diri djon djon and my famous macaroni au gratin or a bowl of jollaf rice or arroz con pollo, choose to do just the meat and vegetables or plantains. Instead of sitting or laying down to watch ratchet TV, choose to do 10 squats during each commercial break or 3 push-ups every time you see a cutie on the TV set.  Whatever it is, make better choices. It starts with your own eagerness. Once you’re ready, you’re ready. Nothing can stop you! You will see…


Photo from Google

A Lesson About the Little Things:

I learned to love to see the little joys each pound and inch counts. Its like becoming a millionaire… You can’t reject the pennies. You have to begin somewhere. Your first penny should be encouragement that the next is coming. Soon after, you will become a dollaraire… hundredaire… thousandaire… then millionaire. It all starts with a penny. (Luke 16:10: Whoever can be trusted with little can be trusted with much) Be faithful with your penny moments, soon after you will see your pennies turn into SOMETHING! Celebrate each pound. Encourage yourself, even if the people around you have not noticed. Keep me posted on your fitness goals/accomplishments. I am happy to see progression, that means your moving from pennies to dollars. I pray that you will reach all of your goals and you will find your purpose even in the penny stages, because eventually you will graduate to the millionaire stage in your goals.



Please take a look at some pictures of my progress. I hope they encourage you to keep doing the little things. Eventually the little things will turn into exceedingly, abundantly more than you can ask or think!

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