Cooking with Kence: Collard Greens


I started my collard greens but ‘giving the meat color.’ I used very little oil. Fried for 5 minutes.


In the mean time, I cleaned my collard greens. I bought them pre-cut (saves time and life). I soaked it and hand washed the green with cold water vinegar and salt. Then rinsed it out before adding it to the pot with the smoked turkey.


Here, I slowly added the greens (one handful at a time until there was room to add more).


Here is where you work your magic! I use low sodium chicken broth and seasoned this bad boy like a true Haitian! I added chopped garlic, crushed red peppers, Maggi, pepper, and seasoned salt to taste. Make sure the meat is covered by the liquid and simmer for 30 minutes.  This can be served with and protein of your choice or you can just eat it by itself. The Bon Appetite, kids! Enjoy.


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