Why God Put Donkey’s in Your Life

Why the Whole Donkey Analogy??!?

Today I was reading Numbers chapter 22 and saw a DIME I had to share! So I won’t write the entire chapter out but please go and read it.

So the Lord tells Balaam not to go curse the people from Egypt (v. 1-19). Eventually after much persistence, God says to Balaam he can go speak to Balak but only do what He says (v. 20).

This is where it gets interesting (for me)!

So Balaam is riding a donkey. Minding his own business. On his way to Balak. I guess he forgot to consult with the Lord… So the Lord caused his donkey to see (what Balaam could not see) an angel that stood in the path to oppose him (v. 22). So since the donkey could see, it did what it could to avoid the angel. So the donkey veered off the road (Balaam beat him), then the angel appeared in another narrow path so the donkey squeezed past, crushing Balaam’s foot trying to avoid the angel. Balaam beat him again! Then the angel appeared in a very narrow place (where there was no room to get around it) with its sword drawn, so the donkey had no choice but to lay down under Balaam. Of course Balaam was not happy so he beat the donkey some more! (V. 21-27).

The Lord caused the donkey to open his mouth to tell his master, Balaam, ((Kence translation)) “Bruh!! You Keep beating me, you act like you don’t know how I move! I’m always getting you where you got to go! Why you keep beating me, son!?! I’m loyal to you. I’m all you got! Them other donkeys don’t hold it down like me, bro. You know that!” Balaam responds: “You disrespectful! You lucky I can’t find my pocket knife, I’d swipe you quick fast!!” ((Real version is in Numbers 22:28-30))

So the Lord finally opens Balaam’s eyes to see! And he sees the angel in front of him Then bows down. “The angel of the Lord asked him, “Why have you beaten your donkey these three times? I have come here to oppose you because your path is a reckless one before me.” (Numbers 22:31-32 NIV)

DIME: Divine Inspiration Meant to Encourage Spiritually

As I read this, I thought about situations where I should have been obedient to God or should have been consulting with Him to see how he wants me to move… In my lack of obedience, God is still sovereign and He’s doing what He has to do for His will to be done and ultimately to work things out for my good!

In reading about the donkey, I wonder how many donkeys are in our lives. This could be a person or a situation, heck might even be a thing like a job. They see what we do not see and do things that force you to make a maneuver you weren’t anticipating. They are simply put there by the Lord to ‘order our steps’. If it were not for the donkey in our lives, we would likely go down a disruptive path! But God knows best and has sent it to save us from the path we would have naturally chosen. Yet we get upset. We ‘beat the donkey’ that was really just doing what it was purposed to do.

Therefore, my beautiful people, this DIME was simple to me. Let us appreciate the donkeys in our lives. Ask the Lord to open our eyes to see what He is doing for us. If the Lord is stopping something we cannot see, do not get mad at the donkey! The Donkey is doing its job. Figure out (in that prayer closet) whether you are in line and obeying the Lord. Your actions and your decisions should align with His purpose so He does not have to do any major donkey moves to get you to notice him working!

My friends, let us be more attentive and obedient to what the Lord is saying. And if you don’t hear anything, don’t move until you know!! That is, after all, what got Balaam beating his poor donkey anyway… I pray that this DIME did exactly what it was purposed to do, encourage you. Let me know if you can think of some donkeys that seemed annoying of out of line but looking with your spiritual eyes in hindsight, you know that the Lord was doing something to get you to a different place! Comment. Like. And share this DIME. Someone needs to be encouraged about a stubborn donkey in their life.

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