Don’t be a Punk! Fear the Lord

Don’t be a Punk! Fear the Lord

The other day the Holy Spirit dropped a DIME that I can’t seem to shake and I must share! I started to think about fear. I realized that you when people have told me to fear the Lord, I never really got it! I grew up where people would call you a punk if you feared anything. I thought being scared of God meant be scared, shake in my boots because God ‘ brought you in this world and He can take you out!’… I’ve learned that this is really not what the fear of the Lord should do. 

When you think of fear, you realize that because you are afraid of something, you become cautious and it causes you to act in a way to avoid the thing you are afraid of. We seem to fear what we are living for. Fear demonstrates what we value. I have a few good examples that the HS used to help me get this concept.

  1. Fear or worry about accomplishments Whether you are in school looking forward to passing the next exam or just holding your breath til you can walk across that stage. You may also find that you are working for a promotion or simply between jobs hoping for a call for an interview. These people are living in pursuit of an accomplishment. Under this type of fear, you work relentless to get achieve a specific task just to be sure that you ‘made it!’The fear in this may be of failure, looking stupid, going/being broke or simply not living up to a standard that they believe they should.
  2. Approval from others This one is a good one. I know I struggle with this one a lot. “Other” can be anyone! That parent you’ve always wanted to be proud of you; your favorite teacher because you knew he/she would be able to right a banging letter of recommendation for you; a supervisor that you knew had some say in your next pay raise or promotion; or that guy/girl you really want to impress {insert googly eyes}. No matter who the ‘other‘ is in your life, this is the person that causes you to act frantically to achieve sometimes extreme assignments in order to ensure you have their approval. Our fear here is that you will not obtain their approval or worse, lose it and disappoint them. We generally consider their approval before we make decisions.
  3. Public approval I think this is its own category even though this still technically approval from others. Ever find your self questioning (even if its internal) I wonder what others will think? Well I know that the struggle is REAL here! This is most certainly a common fear that drives us to act the way we think we should act in order to not be noticed for standing out in a notorious fashion. (No one wants to be the odd ball out, ever!) Be mindful that this isn’t always hiding your bad, its also hiding your good. Maybe you’ve heard this before but you might be the only Jesus people will see! Are you leading them in the right direction? Or are you afraid they will call you that fake christian because maybe you used to run amuck with them… (true story: its hard to be good around the people you used to be bad with- they’d love to call you a hypocrite) Here the fear is simply judgement. We don’t want people to ‘think’ we are abnormal ((even though the bible says that we are not of this world although we live in it)), so we silently to stand up for the truest part of ourselves because we simply cannot take public disapproval that would come with being real! We aren’t ourselves out of fear of humiliation and/or disapproval.

Ultimately, we must learn to fear the Lord. Fear of the Lord will cause us to believe that if we do not obey His commands, we will disappoint Him. Be sure to know that the Lord loves you unconditionally, nothing we do or don’t do will make Him love us any more or less! But fear of the Lord should cause us to live for His approval above all else! We want the Lord to be pleased with our lives and how we live.  Fear of the Lord is not spooky stuff but it is the motivating feelings that drive our lives. Instead of living for the approval of people or to achieve a specific accomplishment, we should be living for the obedience of God’s will in our lives. This obedience stems from fear of not pleasing the Lord, fear of not being/doing what he wants us to.  Remember that God loves us regardless of what we do, why not please such a loving God?!

I hope you were able to see what the Holy Spirit showed me fear of the Lord is. Lets make an effort to exhibit fear of the Lord by obedience.

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