Be Careful Who You Allow in Your Garden

Watch Your Garden

I was reading this Bible passage and the Lord spoke to me loud and clear.

1Kings 13 talks about a man that the Lord told not to eat or drink from anyone on his way back to Judah. Sure enough, although this man heard the Lord’s command, some guy comes along on his donkey to the man of God and invited him to come and eat with him at his home. The man of God refused and told the guy on the donkey that the Lord already told him that he shouldn’t eat anything in this place. So the guy with the donkey lies and says that he is a prophet and an angel of the Lord says that he should come with him and so that he could give him something to eat and drink. So he went!

UGH!! When I read this passage, I was so frustrated because I saw so many lessons in this.  Long story short (read the chapter when you get a chance), of course the Lord sent a prophet to tell him that he defiled the Lords command and therefore he had to be punished. After he left the man with the donkey’s house, as he was traveling, a lion came out to kill him. This is a little extreme but the story has so many lessons to offer.

Recently I have been studying betrayal and church hurt. I started reading a book by Dr. Kynan Bridges called Unmasking the Accuser. In the first few pages the book he introduced the idea that the enemy uses people to do his dirty work, figure out who the real enemy is! Sometimes they come from your home, your church, your department, etc. Boy do I know that’s the truth!! As I was reading the bible passage, I was reminded that you can’t trust what everyone says. Even those that should have your best interest at heart. It can be someone who lives in your home. You cannot say, just because that’s my ___, they gotta be on team Kence! You will be fooled and eventually hurt if you aren’t on your guard.  This man in the passage was minding his purpose but then someone came with a believable lie and basically made him forget what the Lord said.

Lesson: Stay focused! Don’t allow anyone to force you to detour from your purpose. Not even the ‘most influential’ person! (e.g. your mom/dad, boss, hubby/wifey). Taking from the lesson of my auntie Eve and uncle Adam in Genesis, be careful who you listen to! Be careful of the voices you allow in your garden, they may just mess things up for you! Remember what the Lord spoke to you! Do whatever it takes to make Him proud and don’t expect people to agree with you! People may even try to hit you with the Word. Remember the guy in the passage said, he was a prophet too ((insert side-eye here)). Be mindful that the enemy knows the word and will twist it and use it against you if that’s what it takes to ensnare you! Take it easy. Remember what the Lord told you and remain focused on that! That’s the DIME I got for y’all. I hope you were blessed and find encouragement in this.

Until Next Post…

~ Kence


Snapshot from the Beach in Bahamas last week!


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