Pace Yourself: Find Your Pace and Stick to it!




 My experience:

I love Spin! I take a cycling/ Spin fitness class every week at work. In class, the students listen to the instructor. The very fit instructor tells us the levels. I look around the room and see that people are warn out. They wear themselves out because they are trying to push themselves too hard. I like to find my pace. And go with it. If the instructor’s screaming “Level 15” but spinning faster than the students, I realize that I am not on ‘that’ level, so I find the level that will allow me to work just as hard and fast as she is. I want to keep up with the instructor but I know that if I stick to the numbers she’s calling out, I won’t be able to keep up. So I find a lower level, my level, and I keep up.


 Spiritual connection/ Inspiration:

Often times we look to people spiritually at another level than us and we go crazy trying to do things the way they do them. We shouldn’t do this because we overexert ourselves which can later cause disappointment. Find your own gift and pace and go with it. Not everybody can be a pastor of a church (too many chiefs, no Indians). We need some Indians that are good at what they do! Be a good singer, a good sound technician, a good usher/greeter, or just be a good general body member. Sometimes, we touch the most people by the general body members. These are the people visitors look to for support. Just be yourself. There is no two of you! Wherever you are in life, or in your spiritual journey, someone else is probably there too! Stop trying to keep up with the Jones’!! The people will sniff that out! They will know that’s not you… eventually you will not be as effective. You will remain effective if you are true to you! No faking. If you are a baby Christian sipping on milk, own it! Do what it takes to move from level 1 then to level 2, as you progress, remember where you came from and how you moved up so that you help carry someone else through. We meet people everyday. Every person we meet is on a different level. Some people are a few levels higher than you, and can drop a few dimes your way to help whenever you reach that level. Others may be a few levels lower than you, or where you were last week or last year. Have compassion and drop a few D.I.M.E.S (Divine Inspiration Meant to Encourage Spiritually) for them! They will need a little encouragement, just like you did and will.

 Lesson: You shouldn’t get lazy and stay on the same level the entire time, but you shouldn’t try to get on the instructors level just for the sake of keeping up. Find your pace and stick with it. Often times people out do things and then never complete tasks because they give up. If you go to cycling everyday and overexert yourself, the truth of the matter is that you will eventually get tired and quit. However if you find your pace and you keep at it for 3-4 times a week, you are more likely to maintain your commitment and stick it through! Find your pace & stick it through, people!  Don’t get content at “level 2”, because someday “level 2” won’t work anymore and you will not get the desired results until you go a level up to keep your body engaged. So don’t be afraid to try new levels until you find the one that’s just right. Once you find it, stick to it until its time to move up again, do not stay stagnant.


I love y’all lots! Until next post….


–          Kence


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