Getting Past Pride

How Pride Gets in the Way

I was praying about how to speak about pride and my mind just went blank. Every route I wanted to go, I dint want to make that turn. #Pride My conclusion was pride is a constant struggle and (like love) we should be intentionally trying to work towards humility. This post is simply a reminder that we should not allow pride to get in the way and block our next step toward destiny.

Black Panther movie came out maybe a week or two ago. I decided that I was going to wait for the movie to get released on bootleg or DVD at the nail salon before I would see it because I was not going to the theater alone (on valentine’s weekend). After I kept hearing the hype, I decided that maybe I should go see the movie, but I really don’t want people to know that I had to go to the movies by myself. (Talk about a battle with pride). After much internal turmoil, I determined that the source of my decision was pride and basically a result of keeping up with the Jones’ syndrome (which many of us have a strain of).

Why Pride?

Pride is a good way to hide whatever is really going on that you do not want people to see. We use pride to disguise the real us that we believe will be judged or unaccepted by others. I don’t have a fake relationship but I definitely did not want to highlight my single-ness by going to the movies on my lonesome.

Humble YO-self

The fix for pride is humbling thy self!! It sounds simple but man is it hard to let go of pride and doing that one thing we didn’t want to do!?! I had a friend who was courting a man and he hadn’t called in a few days and she decided that she was not going to call him either! #Pride can make you lose! I offered her this suggestion: “Humble yourself!” It’s not OK to pridefully ignore the situation and act like everything is copasetic, then when he finally calls, you’ll blow up or passive aggressively give him the cold shoulder to make him ‘chase you.’ Ladies, we can’t be foolish! Pride is a fast way to lose the man. Humble yourself and get to the point. Talk about what is really going on.

Journey to Overcoming Pride

Pride is one of those things that people don’t really talk about, they just show it. If they have a lot of it, you can’t expect them to say they are prideful. But as maturing Christians, I believe this is an area we all need constant work on. Start with the small things, apologizing for your wrongs, having tough conversations with people we have offended and even with the ones who offended us that we can’t seem to muster up the energy to talk to (pride) because they should be the ones to approach us! There are countless ways and reasons for our pride. Regardless of how fancy you can make the excuse look, we should suffocate our prideful self and work on strengthening our humble nature.

I pray that the Lord will grant us strength to do this daily as we interact with one another. As we humble ourselves, we will be able to destroy the negative influence pride is having on our families, friendships and relationships. #Amen

Until Next Post….

~ Kence



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