Be Selfish – Mind Yo Business!!


Mind Your Business

Noone else will mind your business for you!

Pastor Alexa told me to build my dream or get hired to build someone else’s dreams!!

Translation: Build the ‘Kencia’ ((insert your name)) business. If I don’t then who will!?!?

Use Your Time Wisely

Take your time seriously. For example: this business (meaning Kencia’s hour of public operation) shuts down at 10pm! No phone calls after that time or before 10am. I set up a Do Not Disturb setting that actually prevents me from receiving or noticing calls/texts after during this time-frame. It forces me to have some sort of quiet time before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning. There are days when I make exceptions to the rule and find myself out later than usual or on the phone at that time, but generally I’m closed for business at 10:00pm.

You can’t go to stores before their hours of operation. Same here. Schedule your days. It is imperative to schedule your days using whatever method works best for you. This can be to-do lists or calendars. When you assign tasks to days/times you are much more likely to get it done.

Invest in your business

Get some skin in the game. We’ve got to believe in ourselves like people trust in popular companies (i.e. Amazon or Chick-fil-a). I love how big name companies make their CEOs invest in that company so they have ‘skin in the game.’ They sweat when the company loses and rejoice when they win. Same here!! How can we get skin in the game!? How can youinvest in yourself? Is that by scheduling mini vacations to mediate? Going to school to do that random thing you always wanted to do (e.g. fashion, music, film, MBA)? Or just practicing the art of saying No!!

Just Say NO!

Be bold, stop trying to be nice and just say no. We have to practice the art of listening to our gut! ((Man, oh man, has this been a huge lesson for me!!!)) Say no to people, so you can say yes to yourself. You will never be able to be in two places at the same time. You also will never be able to succeed at your goals if you cannot focus your energy on one task at a time. Although one can multitask, one cannot do two tasks at the very same time. You have got to start with one thing. Focus your energy. Then move on to the next. I loved this post I found on IG: @heyamberrae







Noone can ever invest in you like you. Sometimes we might want people to do for us or give to us but the truth is they won’t always get it right!! You know just how to love you right, the first time. So don’t stretch yourself thin building other people’s dreams. Say no, so you can begin to say yes to your own dreams. 

I hope you were encouraged by this DIME. Slowly build your dreams. Invest in you. Make time for you. And say no to anything that stands in the way of that!!

Until Next Post…

~ Kence


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