Build a Man!?!: but…Watch Out for ‘That Thang!’🤔

Many know im a Lauryn Hill fan. Thought about her song “that thing” and I started to think, maybe everyone doesn’t fall in those categories. Basically in the song she says guys only want one thing (the cookie) and girls only want one thing (the money). So I did some thinking and decided that I think there’s another ‘thing’ that other guys and girls want. Guys want convenience and girls with attention.

For my fellas:

They like convenience. I want to be careful not to offend here because it can be good or bad. Basically, men don’t just get caught up in a relationship because it was convenient: The lady has been around and it’s just easier to stay and do this or that shes the first pretty thang to come show you some attention or what you haven’t seen before. Men, you have got to be more intentional about finding their good thing! So ladies, watch out for the men that kind of just slide into a relationship with you. He should intentionally seek you out. Court you. Find you! Do what it takes to get and keep your attention. Let him chase!


An old friend of mine once told me a mans job is 3 things: provision, affection and attention. He hit it on the head!! If a lady like myself could ask for a very short list if I were building a man, it would certainly begin like that! Provision is basic: make sure I have what I need. Affection: show the kid some love!! Never has to be sex, actually proves best when it isn’t sex. When its not jut sex he wants or tries to get, its clear that he’s actually trying to genuinely show me affection!! Like doing little corny things to make me feel loved and appreciated. Lastly, a girl just needs a little attention! Call me sometime. Text me here or there. Flirt with me via text. Write a sticky note on my mirror reminding me how beautiful I am even post morning breath! I love to remind my guy friends in relationships of these simple tools to make their ladies feel like they have your attention. No need to be super needy, ladies. But you definately should let your man know how he can provide for you, show you affection and give you attention. Men: be careful of the needy ladies looking to just get the next man to sponsor them, fill-in when they want some attention or affection because the last guy broke their hearts. Men, be careful not to be the next rebound for a lady.

Above all else, guard your hearts!!! Pray about everything. Ask the Lord for discernment. May the Lord grant us this as we move forward in our search for Kingdom minded spouses or as we strengthen our current relationships.

Until Next Post…

~ Kence 😘


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