Trust In The Lord- He’s the GOOD source

When I was in Highschool, I was in a Calculus class that was pretty darn tough. That class almost kicked my butt. I found myself in a place where I was cheating (i know…tsk tsk. I’ve been delivered!) One of my friends found the answer key to our midterm exam. He got the answer key to me. I was clever in where I hid the key because my teacher was pretty smart and checked our desks, hands and notes to ensure we weren’t cheating. On top of that, he walked around the room to make sure that we weren’t doing anything suspicious. My sneaky self used a strategy (that i will not expose because I do not condone cheating) that allowed me the opportunity to occasionally get the answers without getting caught. I purposefully chose to not get a 100% because I knew my teacher knew I was smart but not 100% kinda smart ;-). So I got an 89%. I glanced at my source when I knew the coast was clear. Even if that meant occasionally catching as many answers as I could (photographic memory), I knew that I could trust the source and whenever I could get to it (Proverbs 18:10) , I would have the right answers circled on my test.

God dropped a #Dimes on me today to remind me that He has all of the answers to this really tough test called life. Isaiah 26:4 says Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord himself is the Rock eternal. He is the ROCK! He is the answer! Just as my cheating self trusted in the the answers my cheating friend gave me back in highschool, trust in the Lord. He is the Rock. He is the best source! He has the answer key.

Prayer: Lord give me the grace to trust you blindly. Help me to exercise faith and trust that you have the answers I need!


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