The Weight Loss Yo-Yo

We all get to the place where we start to get focused on a goal and we go IN! But then somewhere past that, reality hits and you lose your focus. If you don’t know much about Oprah, you do know that she has been small, big, and medium like eighty times. This is known as weight cycling or the weight loss yo-yo. In this post, I briefly discuss the journey through the cycle and how to get out of the yo-yo.

Many of you may know, I started to lose weight back in June 2015. I really transformed into a new person. I got focused and started to shed weight. I lost 80lbs the first year. I went to the gym, I barely kept up Insanity videos at home (but I did low moderation 2-3 times a week), I went for run/walks and ate right. Life was great. It seemed so simple. Eventually life happened. Shawty started living/eating right part-time. I would skip days at the gym. I got tired just thinking about Insanity or any workout videos. I ate more cheat meals. I slowly lost focus. I began to get comfortable. Many of my friends and family would compliment me on my progress (whether it was genuine or not, I’m still not sure). People would simply say “you look good, girl!” almost effortlessly (some days I even looked a HOT mess) because they believed that’s what I wanted/needed to hear their compliment. I somehow allowed those compliments to make me lose focus. I decided that this was a good enough weight because people finally noticed my progress. Obviously my eyes were on the wrong prize! Had I been focused on the right thing, I would have remained steadfast in my journey to eating right for life.

I want to encourage you to get back on the horse! Gaining weight after you know what size you used to be is the worst (especially for us ladies). Its about your focus. Get your mind back in the game! Below are a few points that I think will help as you jump out of the weight loss yo-yo

June 2015 to Sept 2016

((June 2015 to Sept 2016))

Jeans Don’t Lie: Get over it!

If you find yourself in a rut because you notice that the jeans don’t fit, make your move! Don’t just get mad/sad and complain. You’ve got to get that behind up and get back to the basics! Start today. I hate that ‘tomorrow’ or worse, ‘I’ll start Monday!’ No you wont! You should start today.

Proverbs 27:1 says Don’t brag about tomorrow, since you don’t know what that day will bring.

Need I say more!? You don’t know if you have tomorrow. Take action today. Even if you lose an ounce today, you really just got your head in the game. Tomorrow you are likely to do better because you know that you had progress. The thing about little progress, is ITS PROGRESS!!! Stop playing, get over the rut and get up!

Ignore the Noise

Your friends and family are all noisy! The compliments or the discouragement about your appearance should not be the reason for your drive. You really need to find your motivation within. As a child of a Haitian, I have to suffer from the bi-polar directions on how to look. My mom will tell me that I need to lose weight, out of concern that I’m too big and its unhealthy. But then after I finally began the journey, she would express concern that I am getting too skinny (my “collar bone is sticking out”). As you would imagine, that’s too much to be trying to keep up with. There is enough noise in your head as the Enemy feeds your thoughts about your self image and how it relates to your worth. Not to add watching TV or looking at magazines to see ‘beautiful’ people that you would love to look like. The truth is you’ve got to write down the goal and put it up some where you can see it. I would like to say put your written goal (Habakkuk 2:2) in your prayer closet so that you don’t forget to pray about it everyday. While you’re at it, pray for the haters that are distracting you from your focus.

Current weight

((Current weight))

Remain Consistent

That’s the name of the game! You just gotta stick with it. Don’t allow your schedule to get so busy that you don’t have the time to keep up with your goal. I love this quote: “I don’t diet. I just eat according to my goals.” If I could change it, I would say schedule your life around your goals. If you want to be connected with God, you should have quiet time on your calendar. Same thing with fitness, you should schedule your gym dates and even your meal prep times. My friends know my calendar is my life (literally). If you don’t have a slot on there, you won’t be seen. Put a reminder on your phone. Keep the sneakers in your trunk. Always have a gym bag. You will eliminate excuses.

Those are my pointers on getting over the weight loss cycle. I hope you are encourage to get back on track. Comment below if you have any questions, I would love to encourage you throughout your journey. May the Lord grant you the determination and focus to remain consistent and focused until you meet your goal and He returns (and you’ll be all sexy!). Amen!

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